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Restorative Justice Movement
The Restorative Justice Movement is the action of accountability and responsibility (repair) , we are community engagement fostering a sense of unity , understanding and support(rebuild), we are the approach to harm and conflict, promoting communication, empathy and mutual understanding(restore), we bring awareness to systemic injustices, inequalities, by highlighting fairness, equity, inclusivity throughout communities and systems.(renew) 


                           Our Mission


        RJM's mission is to foster healing, accountability, and reconciliation in our communities through a holistic

                  and transformative approach to addressing internal and external harm and conflict.



Restorative Justice (RJ) empowers individuals to express their needs and concerns, creating a supportive environment where they can use their voice. RJ focuses on fostering accountability among those responsible, encouraging them to take ownership and actively engage in the resolution process.

By addressing the underlying causes of harm and conflict, RJM aims to reduce the likelihood of further incidents, prioritizing healing and rehabilitation over punitive measures. RJM strives to repair harm and rebuild trust within the community by facilitating dialogue and promoting mutual understanding among all involved parties.


We prioritize community members affected by trauma, mental illness, addiction, interpersonal, and systemic violence. Additionally, we empower institutions with the educational and restorative tools necessary to confront harmful practices inherent in systems such as healthcare, education, and the legal system.


  • Our values of healing, accountability, empathy, collaboration, and inclusivity guide our restorative practices, drawing on ancestral wisdom from indigenous communities worldwide. Our commitment to acquiring traditional knowledge to navigate the evolving punitive world is a mandate we are steadfastly dedicated to fulfilling.

Our Vision

  • RJM envisions a world where diverse individuals thrive in an inclusive and just society, liberated from systemic injustices and grounded in their humanity. 

I come as one but stand as ten thousand

Maya Angelou

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