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Celebrating a Restorative Justice Champion: Co-Founder Amber Harris Receives Proclamation

Receiving a proclamation from the City of St. Louis, Missouri, is an incredible honor that highlights an individual's or an organization's outstanding contributions to the community. When such a proclamation is presented by a state representative, it becomes an even more significant recognition, celebrating the recipient's dedication and impact on a broader scale.

We're happy to share and celebrate our very own co-founder Amber South Harris who was recently awarded a proclamation which was personally presented by state representative Kimberly-Ann Collins on September 30, 2023. This formal announcement issued by the governing body, is a symbolic gesture that acknowledges and celebrates the achievements, contributions, and milestones of both Amber and the RJM organization. Proclamations often serve as a way to inspire and recognize those who have made positive impacts within a community and our esteemed co-founder Amber Harris certainly fits this description.

RJM Co-Founder Amber S. Harris and State Rep Kimberly-Ann Collins

RJM Co-Founder Amber South Harris receives Proclamation from State Rep Kimberly-Ann Collins.

This among many recent achievements act as a powerful testament to the Amber's commitment to the community. It signifies that her efforts have not gone unnoticed and that her work has had a tangible, positive effect. As an advocate for restorative justice and communal healing, Amber acts as both change agent and ambassador for the historic Ville and surrounding communities. This recognition at the state level brings further attention to the Restorative Justice Movement as we enter our 9th year of service and symbolizes what we hope is continued alignment with our local and state government.

This remarkable recognition that underscores the importance of community involvement and the recipient's dedication to making a positive impact. It is a tribute to the hard work, passion, and commitment that Amber and the RJM organization have invested in the St. Louis community. We hope that this proclamation serves not only as a public acknowledgment but also as a catalyst for continued support and progress in our mission to exact real change both locally and nationally. Support our Restorative efforts today!

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